Boutique Legal Advisory Firm

Venture 7 Legal is a boutique legal advisory firm focused on providing both legal and business guidance to Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Venture Capitalists, Investors and Incubators.

With decades of experience in the start-up ecosystem, our partners have an extensive track record in creating valuable business relationships between investors and entrepreneurs and the legal securities behind them, as well as conducting financial due diligence, drafting terms and agreements, and assisting with the execution and negotiation of all relevant investments and commercial transactions.

Our Work

We ensure your enterprise builds a legal safety-net, while acting in the best interest of your entrepreneurial needs.


Legal Contracts

We don't charge by the hour, or for off-the-shelf fluff, only for genuine input needed to help develop your:

  • Term Sheets
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Share Purchase Agreements
  • Founder Agreements
  • Agency/Distribution Agreements
  • Any other Commercial Contracts across all industries

Company Formation

We will make your experience hassle-free, first by giving you advice on the best set up/structure to take for starting up or taking on board new investors, as well as handle all the work behind the scenes, including set up of companies in the BVI.


Legal Due Diligence

Whether a VC/investor looking to do quick or in-depth legal due diligence of companies without the rigours using a larger firm, or companies looking to ensure they're set up and ready to take their business to the next level, V7 Legal will create and/or turn around any legal DD requests on a company of any size within a short time frame.

Business Advisory

We aren't just lawyers, we're financial analysts and investors, therefore, we know what letters of the law are needed to secure your interests. We can delve into and critique financial models, as well as provide advice on what investors are looking for.