About Us

Your Boutique Legal Advisors

We ensure your enterprise builds a legal safety-net, while acting in the best interest of your entrepreneurial needs. Our partners are trained and experienced in the legal, entrepreneurial and financial field equipping us with the knowledge, in-depth understanding and a unique perspective that will help grow your business.

We’re Entrepreneurs & Investors

Our partners are not career lawyers with only one side of the picture. They have all set up their own businesses, and have invested in several SMEs within the G.C.C. They are also connected with the largest and most experienced network of Angel Investors in the UAE. Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the struggles and issues that SMEs and startups face and we are able to relieve that for our clients.

Our Values

These four values are the cornerstones of our culture and are the key factors embedded into our work.

Flexible Mindset

Our lawyers come from a myriad of backgrounds and together their diversity helps redefine the concept of thinking outside the box. It is within our competence and expertise to tackle seemingly impossible issues and deliver high quality work.


Integrity and transparency are the pillars of our firm. We adhere to high levels of professionalism and will recuse ourselves if there are any conflicts of interest (if we are investing).


Our team is specialized and experienced in delivering exceptional results to startups as well as investment communities. With decades of experience across the industry and particularly with SMEs, our lawyers provide multifaceted guidance and tackle not only legal issues but also commercial, financial and operational concerns of your business.


Developing trust through deliverables is an integral part of our firm. We cater to the needs of our clients and provide efficient solutions.