Our Services


Contract Drafting

With new laws and regulations being passed frequently, we ensure that all of our clients enter into contemporary agreements that are tailored to their requirements rather than something generic.

Company Formation

We will make your experience hassle-free, first by giving you advice on the best set up/structure to take for starting up or taking on board new investors, as well as handle all the work behind the scenes, including set up of companies in multiple jurisdictions.


Legal Due Diligence

Whether a VC/investor is looking to do quick or in-depth legal due diligence of companies without the rigours of using a larger firm, or companies looking to ensure they are set up and ready to take their business to the next level, V7 Legal will create and/or turn around any legal DD requests on a company of any size within a short time frame.

Legal Review and Explanation of Terms

In the instance that a client requires a contract to be explained, our consultants are able to provide a comprehensive understanding minus the legal jargon.


Focus on what matters most.

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